65,000 photos. 16 years. One book.
By NK Guy, published by TASCHEN. Get your copy today!

Once a year, at the close of summer, from the barren clay
of the Nevada desert rises a temporary city.

Dust storms and extreme weather.
Towering art installations on a vast canvas like no other.

This is Burning Man.

“Burning Man is visually impossible: there is no way the eye can make sense of it all, nor can your memory of its sights untangle every wonder and blaze. NK’s photos use an artist’s eye and a camera’s lens to unpick the tight-knotted, intense visual experience. He has frozen instants of Burning Man magic with a lavishness and faithfulness that will have you tasting playa dust.”

Cory Doctorow, author and activist

“HAWT ----- doggies!!!”

David Silverman, Flaming Tuba Guy and director of The Simpsons Movie

The Book

Introducing Art of Burning Man, published by TASCHEN.

Art of Burning Man documents a decade and a half of incredible site-specific art from the annual Burning Man festival. Created by writer and photographer NK Guy, this exciting large-format book celebrates the work of hundreds of artists who have created the most unmissable art event on the planet.

What’s Inside

Words and pictures, from 1998 through to 2014, by NK Guy. With a foreword by temple designer David Best, and a futureword by Burning Man’s Marian Goodell.

280 pages. Three fold-outs. French and German releases. Brought to you by TASCHEN, the world’s pre-eminent publisher of art books.

Containing the most comprehensive coverage of the art of Burning Man ever, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for!

In the News

The book has sparked quite a bit of media interest.

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New York Magazine Paris Match (France) Stern (Germany) NME (UK) Dezeen Huffington Post (USA) Fast Company (USA)

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Where to Buy


The book is now widely available in Europe, and is shipping in North America from Later this summer it’ll be available from other good booksellers across the world.

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The Author

NK Guy is a Canadian writer and photographer based in London, England. Along with Art of Burning Man from TASCHEN, which is a distillation of the tens of thousands of photos he took at Burning Man from 1998 through to 2014, he is the author of The Photographer’s Dictionary, Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, and The Lens. He also created both for photographic education, and

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